“Modum – nasha kosmetika” Perfume and Cosmetic Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products in the Republic of Belarus. The Company manufactures a wide range of high quality cosmetics. Over 400 products from more than 20 series of cosmetic preparations and mouth-care products.

The Company has been actively functioning on the cosmetic market for 20 years, manufacturing cosmetic products for consumers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries, as well as Baltic States and Germany.

The Company specialists are constantly working on product renewal and diversification taking into account requirements of most demanding consumers. The use of quality raw materials from world-known manufacturers (Cognis, BASF, KaO, Rhodia, MERC), up-to-date high-technology equipment, and labor of highly-qualified staff provide high quality of our products.


The Company specialists are seriously working on product renewal in accordance with requirements of the modern market. The Company’s scientific laboratory is developing new formulations.


An administrative building of the factory is built. By this time, the total area of store premises exceeds 6000 square meters; the laboratory of quality control over raw materials and finished products, accredited in the Gosstandart System, is actively functioning at the factory.


Expansion of the product market, introduction of the products on the markets of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan. Due to increase in the sales amount, two more lines on pre-packing started to operate with total capacity of 3 mln pieces a month.


The Company receives Certificate of Conformity of Management Quality System with СТБISO 9001-2001 in the National Certification System, and with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the German Accreditation System.

In March 2004 г. Modum Company management decided to found their own division in Russia. In October "Modum" division in the Russian Federation got independence and worked under different names.


The factory developed manufacture of hard toilet soap.


Modernization of production areas: there is installed a modern system of ventilation and air conditioning, modern sewage facilities, equipped plot for technological water.


Buying of controlling block of shares of Minsk Dimitrov Furniture Plant OJSC; foundation of “Modum – nasha kosmetika” Perfume and Cosmetic factory Joint Open Corporation. Production organization conforms to GMP international standards of production.


Modum CJSC enjoys excellent reputation, its high-quality products are in demand with customers. In the result of laborious task, the factory is among leaders in winning of national level awards for the products.


There are developed first technical requirements for production of liquid soap, baby gel soap, shampoo and bath foam under the Eleganсe trade mark. After certain research, developments and numerous agreements, the Company started production of toothpastes. First toothpastes were produced under the Belamed and Dentamed trademarks.


Foundation of Modum CJSC.

Honey Shampoo produced under the "Elegance" trade mark was the first product.

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