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    Our new line of skin care BIO SYSTEM contains prebiotics, so that helps 

    the skin to activate its own healing mechanisms.
    What are prebiotics?
    Prebiotics are substances that have a beneficial physiological effect on 

    the body by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of a limited

    number of friendly local bacteria.
    What is the beneficial effect of prebiotics in cosmetics?
    Prebiotics give the opportunity to create cosmetic products with unique 

    properties: they have the potential to optimize, maintain and restore the 

    balance of the skin microbiome, thereby contributing to the recovery of 

    skin health.



    Nordic nature is a real storehouse, full of plants useful for skin beauty and health. Rich "nordic" formulas and genuine natural ingredients (extract of arctic cotton, heather, cranberry, cedar nuts oil, fir essential oil) in Nordic line cosmetics will grant delicate and well balanced care to the skin of your hands and legs. Innovative emulsions allow special velvet feeling on skin upon application of these products. Nordic line cosmetics do not contain mineral oil, coloring materials, parabens and they contain hypoallergic perfume.



    Healthy, thick, shiny hair without a visit to the salon? With HEALTHY HAPPY HAIR line from MODUM this is possible! Complex hair care professional-level, high-performance formula, innovative restorative and caring ingredients strengthen hair structure, preventing breakage and cross-section, and instantly improving the appearance of dry, dull, thin hair.

  • SUN & SEA
    SUN & SEA


    Exposure to sunlight is one of the major external factors of premature skin aging. Save the health of your skin and give it a nice, smooth and safe tan with the help of new multifunctional line of sunscreens SUN & SEA.

    · Effective protection from UV broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB)

    · Products with SPF - factor of protection for different skin types, including very light and children's skin

    · Latest generation sunscreens

    · Composition rich in natural caring ingredients, providing smooth safe tan without dryness, tightness and burning of the skin

    · Resistance to water washout



    The line of therapeutic and preventive products for oral care WÜNDERDENT was created thanks to the collaboration with the German company Weisskos GmbH. Formulations of the products are developed by German experts together with specialists from MODUM scientific research centre.

    In order to create this line we used the latest scientific data and developments that can help in solving problems and ensure proper oral care.

  • Modum Bamboo
    Modum Bamboo

    The set of products of Modum Bamboo line will help you to strengthen your hair, stimulate their growth, make hair strong, healthy and beautiful.

    Complex Modum Bamboo is a scientific approach to the development of products, rich composition of active ingredients (extract of bamboo extract, burdock, D-panthenol, lactic acid, collagen hydrolyzate, red pepper extract, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, ginseng extract, hydrolyzed rice proteins, Lamesoft®, Essential oil of sage, essential oil of cedar, menthol, vitamins A, E, C, F, lemon essential oil), by which the complex has an effective multi-level impact on the hair and scalp:

    1) Influence at the SKIN level: increases blood flow to the hair follicles, improves nutrition of hair follicles, prolongs the active phase of hair growth, reduces hair loss, strengthens hair growth;
    2) Influence on the hair STERN creates on the surface of the hair elastic protective film that protects it from drying out, brittle, layering and section, smoothes the cuticles, visually thickens hair.

    Effectiveness of the line is confirmed by clinical tests and the results of consumer testing performed by MODUM.

  • Ice Age
    Ice Age

    Children's cosmetics and oral care line Ice Age is:

    · Cosmetics with delicate formulas, which not only meet the needs of baby skin, but can also be used by other family members;

    · Natural "northern" extracts (Arctic cotton, Heather, Cranberry), as well as traditional, time-tested children's cosmetics ingredients (Chamomile extract, D-panthenol, beeswax);


    · Set of active ingredients (natural "northern" extracts - Arctic Cotton, Heather, Cranberry and Sodium Fluoride, multimineral complex, aloe vera extract, POLOXAMER 407, Betaine, Allantoin, Xylitol), which strengthen the "immature" baby tooth enamel and provide delicate care of oral mucosa;

    · Favourite cartoon character, who has already managed to catch the fancy of millions of children and adults around the world: in the company of a furry friend your child will be more likely to bathe and brush his/her teeth, and bright fruit and mint flavours will make hygiene procedures more enjoyable.

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