History of company took a start at 1995 from set up of Modum,СJSC  and manufacturing of first shampoo product Medovyj  under trade mark Elegance


Then more products were added to this range after company installed technical equipment to produce liquid soap, gel soap for kids, hair shampoo and bath foam in 1998. The same year production of toothpastes was launched after researches and receiving a lot of  approvals. The first toothpastes were produced under the trade marks Belamed and Dentamed


To year 1999 Modum, СJSC  had built excellent reputation by producing highly demanded products in the market. As a result of hard work, the enterprise was among the first companies which received awards from local trade shows.


In 2000 company made a deal with Dimitrov Minsk Furniture Factory, OJSC what led to creation of  Modum - Nasha Cosmetica Perfumery and Cosmetics Factory, JSC. It helped company to improve its processes of manufacturing up to level to comply with international GMP production standards.


Year 2001 was marked by modernization of manufacturing equipment. Modern ventilation and air conditioning systems, advanced water purification facilities, water preparation area were installed.


Company implemented technology of solid toilet soap production in 2002


In 2004 company received Certificate of Compliance of Quality Management System with the requirements of the STB ISO 9001-2001 standard  of National Certification System as well as the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard with German accreditation system.
In March, 2004 company branch was opened in Russia and became independent in October same year and was renamed.


In 2005 sales distribution was expanded to new markets of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan. Due to increase of sales volumes, two new packaging machines with a total capacity to operate 3 mln units were installed.


To year of 2006 company has finished construction of administrative building for back office. Total area of  warehouse have exceeds 6,000 sq. м. and laboratory to control quality of raw materials and ready products has been set up under government accreditation.


During 2010 and afterwards company seriously worked on updating cosmetics lines in accordance with requirements of the modern market. The factory Research and Development Center created and offered new advanced formulations.


In 2018 company for the first time among Belarusian manufacturers launched lines of disposable products for personal hygiene for pets and kids (absorbent napkins and diapers).


In 2019 year Modum - Nasha Cosmetica signed contract to supply of perfumery and cosmetic products to Hong Kong.


In 2020 Modum - Nasha Cosmetica received GMP Certificate according of Bureau Veritas standards.


Developed during the life of the enterprise


The company is active in the cosmetic market


Filed and registered, 14 of which are new developments in oral cavity care


Products form 25 series of cosmetic and oral care products

Own Research and Development Center

Working with raw materials from the world's most famous manufacturers, he creates modern, effective and innovative products for care, health and beauty.

During the existence of the enterprise, more than 1000 recipes have been developed. 18 patents have been filed and registered, 14 of which are new developments in oral care.

Our values

We are a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics, which has been trusted for their beauty and health for three generations of consumers


We ensure the quality of the product by the quality of the work, the quality of the equipment, the quality of the raw materials


Мы экономно расходуем воду и электроэнергию, не загрязняем окружающую среду, сортируем отходы.


Мы настроены на взаимодействие, обмен мнениями – это позволяет нам постоянно развиваться.


Ни один звонок/письмо не останется неотвеченным.


Мы за взаимопонимание и взаимопомощь


Мы понимаем, что каждый сотрудник оказывает влияние на выпускаемый нами продукт.


То удовольствие и энтузиазм, с которым мы работаем, приносит радость и нам, и нашим клиентам, и потребителям.


Компания создает все условия для повышения компетенции сотрудников.

Supply map

The company dynamically has been developing cosmetics manufacturing for more then 25 years and achieved spectacular results. Its products quality got highest evaluation not only locally but also in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Baltic countries, Germany and Hong Kong