Contract Manufacturing

We are ready to offer our customers a full range of services for the development, manufacture, certification of the final product, as well as the organization of delivery

Additionally, it is possible to manufacture packaging for cosmetics (PET vials and bottles) from 300 to 1000 ml and bottle caps!

A rich experienceRich experience of work and management of projects of various levels and scales helps to build an ideal model of cooperation
Ready-to-use recipe baseThe base of ready-made recipes allows you to quickly find the right solution that meets the most diverse requirements
A complex approachThanks to our rich experience and a wide range of partners in various fields, we offer advice and support at all stages of product production.
Research laboratoryAn individual formula is being developed. The laboratory carries out testing and implementation of formulations into production as soon as possible
Modern technologies and equipmentModern technologies and equipment provide ample opportunities for production and make it possible to bring to life the brightest ideas and projects
High requirementsRegular audits of international class guarantee high quality and safety of manufactured products
Product certificationThe production of packaging for cosmetic products is certified for compliance with STB ISO 9001-2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008;
Own productionThe company has the ability to produce exclusive packaging. At the request of the customer, an individual packaging design can be developed
How we are working?
Development of a product or series concept
Preparation of technical specifications
Sample approval
Experimental batch release
Certification and obtaining documents
Release and shipment of an industrial batch

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