Quality Management

The quality policy is focused on improving customer satisfaction and expectations, improving product quality and ensuring a sustainable economic position for the company.

Currently, the Quality Management System of the enterprise is certified for compliance with STB ISO 9001-2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.⁠

Mutually beneficial relationshipsWe achieve mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and constantly improve them
We constantly analyzeWe constantly analyze and evaluate the incoming information for making reasoned decisions
Rationally use the capabilities of the equipmentWe rationally use the capabilities of equipment and improve the infrastructure of the organization
We are constantly improving our qualificationsWe constantly improve our qualifications, involve and stimulate the personnel of the organization to make the most of their knowledge and skills.
Interconnected processesWe manage the activities and resources of the organization as interconnected processes
Actively and responsibly manage the organizationActively and responsibly manage the organization, which ensures the achievement of the set quality objectives
We strictly obey the lawsWe strictly comply with the laws and regulations governing the production of our products
We study and satisfy the requirementsWe constantly study and satisfy the requirements and wishes of customers in order to offer products with the quality they desire